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Pistol Toilet Brush

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Germs and dirt don’t stand a chance in the face of the Pistol Toilet Brush.Show your house guests you don’t fool around when it comes to keeping things clean with the unforgettable Pistol Toilet Brush!
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Toilet cleaning has never been so cathartic. The Pistol Toilet Brush takes an oft-neglected household tool, and gives it an edgy and amusing makeover. Take aim at that dirt and have a little chuckle dispatching it. It gives a cheeky little wink to both the toughness of the task, as well as the necessity of doing a thorough job of it. It’s sure to provide a bit of extra motivation to get that bathroom cleaned, and it will definitely prompt a conversation from anyone who visits!

The Pistol Toilet Brush makes an awesome housewarming gift for a friend with an off-the-wall sense of style, or for anyone who loves to spring funny, thought-provoking visual surprises on their guests. Crime drama devotees will get a kick out of it, and so will practical jokers. It’s black, so it will go with any decor, and its detachable head means it’s easy to replace the business end. Don’t be surprised if you find your toilet looking extra sparkling after hosting company, since everyone will want to give the Pistol Toilet Brush a go!

  • Toilet brush handle looks just like a pistol
  • Statement piece for any bathroom
  • Injects some fun into a tough job
  • Funny and unexpected housewarming gift
  • Detachable brush head for easy replacing

Detailed Information

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 14cm x 40cm
  • Weight: 390 grams
  • Detachable brush head