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Photography Tour | Oxford

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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do more than just point and shoot with your, well, point and shoot, then this fascinating and educational Photography Tour is the perfect way to enhance your photography skills and enjoy a tour of the beautiful city of Oxford!
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Oxford is the perfect city to explore and develop your photography skills. We spend so much of our time in a rush, head down hurrying from place to place, that we don’t often take the time to stop and look around us. On this mesmerising Oxford Photography Tour you will be encouraged to do just that: wander happily, really notice the details in the stunning architecture that’s all around and get your gaze off the floor and look up instead…you may just be surprised by what you see!

This celebrated University town is filled with historic wonders and this comprehensive Oxford Photography Tour will take you to all the major sites to try out your new photography skills. Appreciate the mason work of the Radcliffe Camera, the historic colleges, the beautiful “Bridge of Sighs” and don’t forget to keep a special eye out for those cheeky gargoyles and grotesques that can be spotted all over the city!

Your knowledgable photography tutor will impart many pearls of wisdom throughout this informative Oxford Photography Tour to ensure that you learn new tricks and techniques and take your photography skills to the next level!

What's included:

  • Understand the different settings on your camera
  • Learn to take more creative & professional photos
  • Get inspired by the architecture & surroundings
  • Have a fun and memorable time
  • Finish the tour feeling motivated & confident!

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