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Personalised BBQ Branding Iron

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Stamp your name on the piece of prime rump steak you are cooking over red-hot coals. The Personalised BBQ Branding Iron lets you cheekily label your grills for instant identification.
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Upgrade your BBQing style with the quirky and unique Personalised BBQ Branding Iron. Impress your feasting guests by serving a named piece of prime quality meat on their plates. The professional quality stainless steel brand accommodates up to 2 lines and a total or 20 characters. Use the supplied 61 letters and symbols to create personalised name brands for your guests. Use can also write personal messages and witty jokes with the scorching branding iron.

The stylish Personalised BBQ Branding Iron makes a great fun gift for your Dad on Father’s Day. Territorial alpha males who enjoy a spot of seasonal BBQing will also love the novelty value of being able to personalise their steaks.

The stainless steel Personalised BBQ Branding Iron has a wooden handle for easy and safe branding fun. Use the branding iron to mark up juicy meat, or for scoring name claims for alternative tasty vegetarian treats. Obviously not both at the same time!

  • Personalised BBQ Branding Iron, for tasty steaks with your name on
  • Includes 61 letters and symbols
  • Brand accommodates 2 lines and a total or 20 characters
  • Creative and original way of encouraging picky eaters
  • Great novelty gift for the alpha male 

Detailed Information

  • Stainless steel with a wooden handle
  • Dimensions: 9 x 48cm
  • Brand accommodates a total of 20 characters in 2 lines
  • including fixing and German manual
  • 61 letters and symbols included (see list)
  • Letters included: 3 x A; 2 x B; 2 x C; 3 x D; 2 x E; 2 x F; 1 x G; 2 x H; 3 x I; 1 x J; 1 x K; 4x L; 2 x M; 2 x N; 4 x O; 2 x P; 1 x Q; 4 x R; 3 x S; 3 x D; 2 x U; 1 x V; 1 x W; 1 x X; 2 x Y; 1 x Z; 8 x spaces