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Only celebs get their own personal shoppers and stylists, right? Wrong! Now you can live the high street fantasy and up your style game with your very own personal shopping experience in London!
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You know us girls….we like to shop, shop, shop ‘till we drop! Unfortunately though, by that time often all we’ve got to show for our efforts are a bunch of mismatched items, half of which don’t fit, and the other half of which we’ll never get around to wearing because we “just don’t have anything that goes with them”. Sound familiar?

If you know someone who just can’t seem to get it right and always ends up spending too much money for too few outfits that really work then a personal shopping gift experience could be just what they need. Instead of shopping “blind”, picking out any old thing that catches the eye (ooh it’s shiny = the magpie syndrome) and then complaining that no clothes ever really make them look good, they’ll have the benefit of a real life stylist and personal shopper who will help them find their inner style goddess!

No more wasted money, megastore meltdowns, or wardrobe disasters, after this personal shopping session, their style will know no bounds and you’ll never have to hear the old “I’ve got nothing to wear!” complaint again!

  • A session with a pro stylists and personal shopper
  • Find your style do’s and don’ts 
  • Learn to shop smartly and end up with great outfits
  • Discover which colours and shapes are your friend
  • Revolutionise your style and wardrobe!

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