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Paintballing | North East

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You and your troops have just received a Paintballing adventure call like no other & the mission requires your complete committment. You can go north, south, east or west. The enemy have hit a dead end but are in dissaray & do not want to go back. Arm yourself, get ready for a war, it's your time!
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This Is Survival!

Kit yourself out for battle and get ready to take aim, there are over 130 UK Paintballing warzones to plan your attack from, so you can be certain that when the call comes you will be ready!

Paintballing games are one of the most popular extreme activites in the UK, and once you start to fire that gas-powered semi-auto gun there'll be no stopping you or your team from taking the flag and proclaiming victory!

100 paintballs are included per person in this offer which means comrades can attack from the very start, with battle packs, masks, hoods, chest protectors and coveralls all as standard issue. Be ready and willing, the enemy awaits and the time will soon come when you are needed! 

What's included:

  • Fun day out with your friends
  • 100 paintballs per person 
  • Lunch available at select sites only - please check with the provider at time of booking

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