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Paintballing for 8 | East Midlands

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Paddleboarding, paragliding, pottery…loads of fun activities start with a “P” but one reigns true above them all for the ultimate in adrenalin packed, team fun with your friends: Paintballing!! 
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If you think you’ve seen action on the football pitch or the tennis court, well think again! Until you’ve been in the paintballing war zone and come out the other side covered in paint and glory then you don’t know anything about adrenalin, teamwork, or real victory! So next time you’re looking for a great activity for you and your pals (or maybe to get out some of those frustrations on your work colleagues..!) then get paintballing for a real fun day out.

Paintballing can be a great test of tactical skills, leadership and teamwork and, most importantly, it really shows who’s got what it takes to keep their nerve when under enemy fire! Will you? Show us what you’ve got and get this paintballing experience for you and your mates to sort the winners from the losers, the victors from…well, the ones with dodgy aim and bad spacial awareness!

Paintballing is about as fun as it gets for a day out with friends and, once you’ve worked up a sweat and got that adrenalin well and truly pumping, it’s time for a burger and a beer - courtesy of the losing side of course!


What's included:


  • Fun day out with your friends
  • 100 paintballs per person
  • Lunch available at select sites only - please check with the provider at time of booking

Detailed Information

  • Duration of experience: Full Day
  • Most outdoor games are played with 16 on each side
  • Indoor games vary from 8 - 16 per side
  • Gift voucher valid for eight people
  • Further paintballs can be purchased on the day
  • Costs of £5 - £11.50 per 100 paintballs vary depending on site
  • Average number of paintballs used per session is 500
  • Minimum age is 12 but can vary between 8-18 years depending on site - please check with provider at time of booking to confirm

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