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Grab your DSLR, your creative spirit and your artistic eye and get ready to open up a whole new world of photographic possibilities with this in-depth and super fun One Day Photography Course in Cardiff!

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Every man and his dog are photographers these days. In this world of Instagram and cameraphones, it’s time to take a stand against mediocre photography! DSLR cameras have fantastic auto settings, of this we are all well aware, but they also have a whole range of creative scope beyond this when you step into the world of manual controls. With this One Day Photography Course in Cardiff, you will build the knowledge and confidence to start relying on yourself instead of those trusty auto settings and be amazed at the results!

Under the supervision of an experienced tutor, you will learn what all the settings are for, when and how to use them, and see first hand just how much difference this will make to your photographs. You’ll be adjusting the white balance, shutter speed and aperture for next level creative photographs in no time!

This One Day Photography Course takes place in the very heart of Cardiff city centre, a stone’s throw away from the castle and other majestic backdrops just ripe for taking stunning photographs.

What's included:

  • Master your DSLR camera settings
  • Say no to cameraphones and yes to manual controls!
  • Ask all those technical questions you’ve always wanted to
  • Enjoy a day out in the vibrant heart of Cardiff
  • Take stunning and professional-looking photos
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