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Novelty Mini Cocktail Glasses

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These awesome Novelty Mini Cocktail Glasses are a fun gift, absolutely perfect for any party and 100% guaranteed to raise a smile on anyone's face. 
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The Novelty Mini Cocktail Glasses are just a fraction of their former selves.

In this pack you are provided with four Novelty Mini Cocktail Glasses that can be considered very small alcohol glasses or four reasonable sized shot glasses depending upon your perspective.

You are provided with a Beer boot, a wine glass, a Martini glass and a whiskey glass all of which have been designed and created to be much smaller than you would normally find them and the perfect size to contain a shot of your favourite tipple.

Any grown up buying these may think they will be a delightful way to knock back their shots, but it will be guaranteed that you will spend nearly as much time sipping beer from the beer boot or wine from the wine glass as you giggle in amusement as you do drinking shots from them.

Guaranteed to entertain and delight your friends at any evening do, these Novelty Mini Cocktail Glasses are a must have for any party. Each Novelty Mini Cocktail Glass is made from real glass and is dishwasher safe. 

  • Four different shot glasses, all different
  • A fraction of the size you would usually expect these glasses to be
  • Made of glass
  • Extremely entertaining

Detailed Information

  • Must be 18 or over to purchase