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Monster Truck Ride | Sussex

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Enjoy a ride in the back of a huge American monster truck! The modified Chevrolet Silverado boasts wheels 5 and a half feet high, providing a ride unlike any other!

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Ever wanted to know what it's like to travel in a monster truck? Well here's your chance to ride in the back of one of the UK's largest trucks! It's a thrilling experience that works equally well as an individual gift or a special occasion to be shared in a group. And it's suitable for children too!

The giant American-spec monster truck is impressive enough to leave any gearhead salivating, with wheels over 5 and a half feet high powered by a 504 cubic inch V8 big-block Chevy engine. Modified from a Chevrolet Silverado single-cab truck body, it also boasts military-grade M54 GMC REO axles that each weigh more than most cars! It's one mean off-road driving machine, but with its suspension taken from an American freightliner, even kids will be quite comfortable on the ride.

It looks great too, finished in bright red with grizzly bears airbrushed onto it by a top bodywork artist! All-in-all it amounts to a unique experience that'll live long in the memory – ideal for commemorating a special day!

  • Ride in a classic American monster truck
  • Great day out with the family
  • Perfect gift for monster truck fans
  • Bring up to 2 spectators
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