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Money Box Maze

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When it comes to saving your cash the ingenious Money Box Maze is on the money. This clever 3D labyrinth ensures you can’t get at your hard-earned dosh unless you crack the tricky puzzle.
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The wacky Money Box Maze is a clever 3D puzzle that only determined spenders can crack. The ingenious labyrinth cube is made from transparent plastic so that you can see the elaborate chambers contained inside. A slit at the top of the box allows you to deposit your funds into the savings compartment located in the centre of the cube. To access your cash you’ll need to work smart to complete the tricky maze puzzle!

The Money Box Maze is an innovative design that requires determination and concentration to open up the box. Inside the cube is a maze puzzle and a single metal ball. To open the money box you must manoeuvre the tiny, shiny ball through the labyrinth to unlock the mechanism that releases your cash.

The quirky gift is an inspired upgrade from the traditional piggy bank smash and grab way of saving money. Unless you have the patience and skill to crack the puzzle your money stays securely inside! A great incentive gift for big spenders and anyone who enjoys the challenge of puzzles!

  • Ingenious novelty money box
  • 3D labyrinth puzzle
  • Suitable for all coin denominations
  • Hours of puzzling fun!
  • Great savings incentive gift for puzzle lovers

Detailed Information

Dimensions: 11x11x11 cm
Material: transparent plastic maze and metal ball