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Microphone Shower Head

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Croon those shower tunes into this clever Microphone Shower Head!This hilarious shower head turns an everyday activity into a chance to shine in the spotlight!
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This year, give your aspiring pop star a gift they can really use - this fun and funny Microphone Shower Head! This hilarious shower head fits any standard shower hose, to give the appearance of an old-school rock and roll microphone on a wire. If they’ve always loved singing in the shower, now they’ll know they’ve developed a devoted fanbase in the house!

With its chrome appearance and chunky dimensions, this fantastic shower head recalls the recording studios of rock’s early days and the smoky jazz clubs of the 1950s. You can just imagine yourself warbling a slow jam to an entranced crowd or belting out a classic to a packed room. Just don’t get a mouthful of water when you open wide!

Give this ingenious shower head to a mate with a love of classic pop music or use it yourself to jazz up your bathroom. It’s a quirky little detail that really completes a music themed house or shower room. And your houseguests will hardly be able to resist it when they go for a wash!

  • Shower head looks just like a retro microphone
  • Makes singing in the shower much more fun
  • A great addition to a music-themed bathroom
  • Will give your house guests a giggle in the morning
  • A cute gift for a musician or music lover

Detailed Information

  • Fits any standard shower hose
  • Made from plastic
  • Dimensions: approximately 25 x 12 cm