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Microlighting | Somerset

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Ever wanted to fly through the air with the wind soft on your face and the oceans and mountains passing far beneath you? Well, now you can with an amazing Microlighting experience in Somerset!
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You don’t have to be a trained pilot or be reincarnated as a bird of prey in order to experience the sensation of soaring high in the sky, this ultimate feeling of freedom can be known by anyone and found through an exhilarating Microlighting experience. Take on the sky like a seasoned pro and see the beautiful South of England as you’ve never seen it before (don’t worry, there will be an actual seasoned pro piloting the aircraft so you can just relax and enjoy the views!).

There’s no other aircraft quite like a microlight aircraft and the flex-wing microlights in particular allow for an incomparable experience as open cockpits offer the unbeatable feeling of a flight that is completely open to the elements: just close your eyes and you could be flying for real!

A magical experience for those who have always wanted to see the world from a different viewpoint and for aviation enthusiasts who will be enthralled by these stunning little aircrafts that hark back to the days of early aviation. 

What's included:

  • Soar through the sky like an eagle!
  • Unbeatable views of the land for miles around
  • Open cockpit so you can feel the wind on your face
  • Unforgettable flying experience
  • Perfect present for aviation enthusiasts

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