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Macho Tissues

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Man up when you’re hit with a debilitating bout of man flu, and use the manly Macho Tissues to wipe away your snot or tears. The extra large, extra strong tissues are man enough to tackle any task.
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Manly alpha males don’t use standard tissues when they catch a cold. They require the superior quality of Macho Tissues to stifle the sniffles of their imaginary colds. The soft, extra large, extra strong tissues are just what every man needs to overcome the blood, sweat and…symptoms of a runny nose!

A real man stays strong no matter what befalls him. Hayfever, allergies and something in his eye will never make him cry. With manly Macho Tissues close to hand the true masculine man never resorts to tears. These absorbent, super efficient extra large tissues are also ideal for virile sneezes and other health issues of the rugged man.

The novelty super mansize Macho Tissues are a great gift for the alpha male in your life, or the guy who simply needs to man up whenever he catches a cold or sniffle (obviously you’ll need to leave the handy box of Macho Tissues within easy reach)!

  • Extra large, extra strong tissues
  • Contains a generous supply of 100 tissues for all your manly needs
  • Super absorbent and mega efficient at mopping up blood, sweat…and tears
  • Makes a great gift for alpha males and guys who need to man up when they catch a sniffle
  • Not recommended for cry babies, wimps, scaredy cats or yellow bellies

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 34.3 x 12.1 x 4.4 cm
  • Contains 100 tissues 33 x 19.7 cm