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Lazy Reading Glasses

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Simplify your life with the wacky and ingenious Lazy Reading Glasses. Why go to all of the trouble of lifting your head, to read a book, when you can lie on your back in lazy luxury?

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  • 30 day return policy
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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


Transform your vision by 90 degrees with the Lazy Reading Glasses. This novelty pair of reading specs features specially designed mirror lens that reflect the text of a book directly to your line of vision. No need to sit up straight or angle your head - just lie back in comfort and read at your leisure.

The Lazy Reading Glasses are the ultimate accessory for book lovers and lazy folk who just love to lounge around. The lightweight, super cool, black plastic glasses are fitted with angled lens that naturally adjust your line of vision and position of comfort. These practical reading glasses also eliminate the neck soreness and stiffness that is often associated with prolonged periods of reading.

Be cool and lie down to read your morning paper, daily horoscopes or No.1 bestseller. Once you discover how easy the Lazy Reading Glasses make your life you’ll wonder why other people are still reading sitting up.

  • Great for extended bedtime reading
  • Perfect for catching up on literary classics when you’re busy lounging on the sofa
  • Improve the quality of your sun lounger reading experience
  • Say goodbye to a stiff neck, and hello to lazy reading
  • Makes a great gift for book lovers who don’t have time to read. Squeeze in a few chapters before it’s time for zzzzz

Detailed Information

  • Material: plastic
  • Features specially designed mirror lens
  • Warning: Not to be worn when standing or in motion
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