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Landscape Photograpy - Wollaton Hall & Deer Park | Nottinghamshire

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If you’re a keen photographer who’s always wanted to try their hand at capturing the power and beauty of nature on camera, then this Landscape Photography Course at the beautiful Wollaton Hall & Deer Park in Nottinghamshire is for you.
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You know what they say, never photograph animals or babies. Well <i>we</i> say: that’s just silly talk! Everyone knows that all babies are super photogenic - that cherubic smile and fresh unblemished skin are a photographer’s dream! As for animals, well here’s your chance to find out! This full day Landscape Photography course at the simply stunning Wollaton Hall & Deer Park in Nottinghamshire will certainly give you a good taste of the glamorous life of being a wildlife photographer as you learn to effectively capture these majestic residents.

Not only this though, your expert tutor and guide will help you to explore and master the advanced settings on your DSLR camera so that you can really take your photography to the next level. So whether you’re focusing your lens on those deer, on the general landscape, or on the arresting architecture of Wollaton Hall itself, you’ll learn a whole load of new techniques and skills to help you get the best possible photos.

Bring your camera, your appetite for learning and your creative photographer’s eye and get ready to have oodles of (very educating!) fun on this full day Landscape Photography course at Wollaton Hall & Deer Park in Nottinghamshire!

What's included:

  • Learn to work with natural lighting
  • Experiment with composition, viewpoints & settings
  • Unlock your full talent and creativity
  • Spend an enjoyable day surrounded by natural beauty
  • Benefit from the experience of on-hand expert

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