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Kamasutra Playing Cards

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Spice up your evening’s fun and games with some tempting and enticing erotic entertainment and adventures. These adult fun Kamasutra Playing Cards will tease and delight, whether you’re playing Bridge, Solitaire or a cheeky, naughty variation of Poker.
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Tastefully illustrated with traditional erotic line drawings, the Kamasutra Playing Cards are high quality printed cards that are perfect for a game of sexy Snap or Strip Poker. Each card features a visual representation of a classic sexual and sensual Kama Sutra position. Use the deck to learn some hot new moves in the art of love, whilst playing your favourite type of card game, and showing off your best Poker face.

The saucy 54 carnal cards are a great intimate gift idea for couples. Ignite the red-hot passion in your love life by exploring each of the individual positions featured on the cards. You can tease each other with exciting, amorous and wickedly naughty playful games. The unique and discrete, sexy playing cards are designed in tasteful black, white and violet, and can also be used for imaginative and seductive role-play games of your own fantasy and creation.

Due to the nature of the intimate exotic illustrations, the Kamasutra playing cards are not suitable for children under the age of 18. Save this special deck of playing cards for playful adult games and sizzling suggestive adventures with your partner, and/or daring close friends. 

  • 54 high quality printed cards
  • Discrete and tasteful design
  • Recyclable
  • Unique gift idea for couples

Detailed Information

  • Strictly for over 18s only