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Release upper body tension with a gloriously tingly Indian Head Massage!

Afterward, indulge in a yummy Cream Tea for a truly indulgent day out!

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Re-energise your mind and satisfy your tum with this mystical Indian Head Massage & Cream Tea. This unusual massage uses Ayurvedic techniques to target the tension-prone neck and shoulders to release physical stress. Feel stiffness ebb away and prepare for the energy to flow back in. The increased blood flow will bring extra oxygen to the area, which helps clear the mind as well.

Your massage therapist will stimulate the scalp, providing a relaxing, tingling sensation. This wonderful massage encourages your scalp to produce natural oils that condition the hair and promote its growth. Afterwards, you can enjoy a scrumptious Cream Tea. It's 45 minutes of pure bliss!

The spa is located near High Wycombe, only a relatively short drive from bustling central London. But its beautiful farmland setting makes it seem much further away - on another planet maybe! This invigorating massage in a pretty location is an ideal gift for a mate who needs to replenish their energy. And it’s a absolutely perfect gift for mum-to-be to relax and harness a bit of cosmic energy for the final push!

What's included:

  • A massage therapist will work tension out of your neck and shoulders
  • A tingly scalp rub will stimulate blood flow for clear thinking and healthy hair
  • Feel wonderfully refreshed and energised afterward
  • A cream tea with lovely treats will refresh you after your treatment
  • The charmingly rural setting feels a million miles away from everyday life
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