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Illuminated Newton’s Cradle

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Relive ‘The Enlightenment’ with this illuminated Newton’s cradle! This cool and modern lighting feature lets you light up your room and learn the basic principles of Newtonian physics at the same time
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Newton’s cradle was first invented to demonstrate the conservation of energy and momentum. It consists of five metal balls of exactly the same size, all suspended by wires so that they are hanging next to each other. When one of the balls at either end is lifted and then released, it will knock into the one next to it, and the energy is transmitted all the way through the balls until it reaches the one at the opposite end. This one is then knocked away by the kinetic energy that has come from the first ball.

This classic illuminated Newton’s cradle ornament has adored desks and workspaces for decades, and is still popular due to its stylish and minimalist design. This new take on Newton’s Cradle has added lights into the mix. Since Newton’s first work was on Optics, this is very apt! Now you’ll be treated to your very own light show every time you experiment with the cradle. A perfect gift for science enthusiasts!