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Hot Stuff Trivet

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Ideal for those who can keep a sense of humour about their love life even when they're cooking for one, the Hot Stuff Trivet is a humourous and extremely useful accessory.
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When you're single and still looking for that love of your life, or even just a bit of 'hot stuff' to pass away those long nights, it's good if you can still keep a sense of humour about the situation. Well, at least with the Hot Stuff Trivet you can have a companion who feels the same way to share your time in the kitchen with as this little trivet is looking for some hot stuff of their own!

The Hot Stuff Trivet is made of silicone, designed with the look of cork, and is the shape of a speech bubble and on it is the text 'I'm looking for some hot stuff'. The hot stuff this trivet is looking for is probably slightly different to your own idea of some hot stuff, as all it needs is a nice saucepan or bowl to rest on it so that it prevents any burns or marks to your kitchen or table surfaces.

The trivet is the perfect gift for cooks with a sense of humour and the occasional hot pan.

  • Cheeky trivet 
  • Protects surfaces from burn marks 
  • Cork look
  • Put the household chef in a good mood

Detailed Information

  • Material: Silicone

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