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Helium Balloon - Racing Car

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Future little racing car drivers will love our Racing Car Walking Balloon that can travel at any speed you can and will never run out of fuel!
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Brum! Brum! Brum! This brand new motor is straight out of the factory, brand new, with zero miles on the clock. It’s a stunning red colour and can do an unlimited amount of miles per gallon. This Racing Car Walking Balloon will drive your small people crazy with joy.

The balloon will be delivered to your door with a full tank as it is fully inflated with a combination of gases that result in it hovering just above ground level. It has a cord attached so that it can be pulled along, giving the impression that it’s driving along behind you on its four little wheels.

The helium balloon car is an amazing model and comes complete with eyes on the windscreen so it can see where it’s going and is decorated with stickers from its sponsors. It is 50 cm high which makes it a huge balloon, even though it’s a bit of a micro machine in comparison to the real thing. That’s more is that you don’t need a license to take this bad boy for a spin. 

  • Foil Balloon in racing car design 
  • Great for Kids 
  • Suitable for any occasion 
  • Driving license not required 

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 50cm high
  • Material: metal foil, helium gas filling 
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks 
  • Do not fly outdoors
  • Keep away from power lines and other sources of electricity