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Helium Balloon - Happy Birthday Princess

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The perfect birthday wish for all of the little princesses (and even the older ones) the Princess Helium Balloon is a magical birthday wish.
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The Princess Helium Balloon will make your little princesses eyes glimmer with joy when she wakes up on her birthday morning. The balloon is delivered already filled with helium that will make the balloon rise from the box as she opens it. What better way to begin your special day?

Your little princess is guaranteed to adore this birthday wish and is a beautiful sentiment whether your special princess is young or old.

This girly birthday balloon is a pink heart shaped design with the words ‘Happy Birthday Princess’ on both sides of the balloon. The design makes it look as though it is sparkling and glistening, as would the precious jewels that any princess might wear. It also contains images of magical princess type thingymajigs such as a tiara, wand, ring, necklace and handbag.

The balloon is 45cm high and comes complete with cord and plastic weight so that the balloon doesn’t fly away and leave you dealing with a princess style tantrum. 

  • Heart shaped helium balloon
  • Already inflated with helium
  • Contains text ‘Happy Birthday Princess'
  • A design fit for a princess

Detailed Information

  • 45cm in height
  • Helium filling with cord included
  • Material: metal foil
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks
  • Do not release outdoors
  • Keep away from electricity lines and other power sources