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Helium Balloon - Charmmy Kitty

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This Charmmy Kitty Balloon is the perfect birthday gift for those little ones who just can’t get enough of the amazing ‘Hello Kitty’ and want their very own Charmmy.
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For those who aren’t too hot on the Hello Kitty franchise you might be wondering who Charmmy Kitty is, or you’ve been forced to watch it so many times that you know exactly who she is. Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty’s pet cat, and she looks quite similar to Hello, only her behaviour is somewhat more cat like. This little girl loves all things shiny and is adorably cute, as is to be expected from any little kitty and the Charmmy Kitty Helium Balloon makes the perfect birthday gift for fans of this little cat.

The Charmmy Kitty Balloon is a whopping 90cm in diameter and it is a really, really pink balloon making it even more attractive to your little kitty fan. In the centre it has a picture of Charmmy Kitty’s pretty little face as she sports her usual pink bow on her hair. In a circle around her the balloon has the text ‘Happy Birthday’ going around it.

This balloon will make a great birthday treat for a special little birthday girl!

  • Charmmy Kitty foil helium balloon 
  • Ideal birthday gift for Hello Kitty fans 
  • Filled with helium already  

Detailed Information

  • Size: 90cm diameter
  • Material: metal foil, helium gas filling 
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks 
  • Do not fly outdoors
  • Keep away from power lines and other sources of electricity