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Helium Balloon - Birthday Pirate

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Ahoy thar me mateys! This Birthday Pirate Helium Balloon makes an ideal birthday wish for any young swashbuckler or treasure hunter in the making.
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Sailing the rough seas, hunting for lost treasure, swashbuckling and pieces o’ eight. There are few children that don’t love the adventurous life of a pirate and to live that action packed life is the fantasy of so many little ones. Your child can celebrate their love of these high sea adventures at the same time as celebrating their birthday with a Birthday Pirate Helium Balloon!

The Birthday Pirate is a pirate ship shaped, helium filled balloon, with the same image on both sides. The image contains all things pirate related, such as a cartoon style pirate, complete with patch and sword, his trusty sidekick the parrot, and a skill and crossbones on the ships black flag that also has the important message ‘Happy Birthday’.

This swashbuckling balloon comes already filled with helium, so you don’t need to buy a gas canister and you can give the balloon in the box it arrives in and watch their face as they open it up and the balloon ascends to the ceiling. This gas filled loot will be loved by all fans of pirate adventures. 

  • Pirate ship shaped helium balloon
  • Perfect for young buccaneers
  • Already inflated with helium
  • A great addition to the party decorations

Detailed Information

  • 71cm in height
  • Helium filling with cord included
  • Material: metal foil
  • Durability: According to the manufacturer, the flight time is 1-2 weeks
  • Do not release outdoors
  • Keep away from electricity lines and other power sources