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Heisenberg's Bath Salts

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If you are struggling to fill the void in your life after Breaking Bad - Heisenberg's Bath Salts allow you to relive the drama in your own home.

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If you watched with bated breath the destruction of humble Walter White as he transformed into his alter-ego Heisenberg in the internationally acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad, bring the drama of the show into your own home with Heisenberg's Bath Salts.

These novelty bath salts resemble the bright blue crystal meth that Bryan Cranston's character was producing on the gritty show. Packaged using the show's iconic periodic table design, these Heisenberg's Bath Salts are a great gift for die hard fans of the show.

Heisenberg's Bath Salts act as a gentle reminder that if life doesn't quite go your way you can always turn to making crystal meth and earn yourself a rather large fortune. We're joking of course, but they can at the very least provide you with several relaxing evenings as you pamper yourself in a warm bath.

The 'Extremely Relaxing' warning on the packaging is to be taken very seriously indeed...


  • Fans of the HBO show will love these bath salts
  • Great stocking filler for Breaking Bad devotees
  • Take the 'extremely relaxing' warning seriously..or else

Detailed Information

  • 250g turquoise crystal pure bath salts
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