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Heart of Butterfly Flutters

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Try something different with your significant other with the Heart of Butterfly Flutters, a game of romantic questions and fun couples’ tasks. It’s a unique and fun present for lovers old and new as you get to know each other again and again. 
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There never need be an awkward silence between you and your sweetheart with the Heart of Butterfly Flutters nearby! This heart-shaped box contains dozens of tiny paper scrolls with mini get-to-know-you tasks and questions on them, designed to get your heart flip-flopping. The scrolls are a fun prompt to learn about each other.

You may think you know your lover completely, but no matter how long you’ve been together, there’s always something new to uncover: sweet little thoughts they have about you or memories they cherish. The Heart of Butterfly Flutters question scrolls ask you to reveal a little something of your thoughts, and the task scrolls encourage the two of you to share a silly or romantic moment!

The Heart of Butterfly Flutters makes a lovely Valentine’s or birthday present for that special someone, but it needn’t be limited to special occasions. You might find yourselves making it a bedtime ritual or something romantic to do over a Friday night bottle of wine. Whenever or wherever you decide to open your heart, be ready for some exciting surprises...

  • Contains over 100 scrolls
  • Cute gift for your special someone
  • Learn something new and reveal something about yourself
  • Bond over silly tasks and romantic deeds

Detailed Information

  • Sample scroll contents:

'Tell your girl/boyfriend when she/he makes you melt. And tell them why at that particular moment'
'Get your camera or camera or phone and take some sweet, romantic or just stupid pictures of each other’

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