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Half Day Microlighting Tour | Somerset

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Calling all flying enthusiasts! This Half-day Microlighting Tour is the ultimate gift experience and will leave you filled with adrenalin and desperate to get back out there for more! 

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Anyone who has ever dreamed of taking to the sky like a bird and flying out across the land and sea with the air streaming across their face will be overjoyed by this incredible gift experience. Microlight aircrafts are really one of a kind and will steal the heart of aviation enthusiasts or adrenalin lovers alike. Flexi-wing microlights are unique in that their open cockpits allow you to fully experience the unbeatable sensation of flying totally open to the elements - there’s nothing like it!

This Half-day Microlighting Tour allows you to fully experience this life-changing activity and to witness some seriously unforgettable views. Taking off from Somerset and soaring across the South of England over to the Isle of Wight, you will get to see some beautiful scenery.

So forget the socks or DVDs this year, treat your favourite aviator to this Half-day Microlighting Tour: a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will earn you some serious brownie points (although it will probably also subject you to never-ending stories that start “it was sooo amazing, I just can’t describe it”… then go on to do so in detail!).

What's included:

  • Experience the thrill of flight open to the elements!
  • Incredible views of the land and coastlines
  • Flight that takes you to Isle of Wight and back
  • The ultimate experience for flying enthusiasts
  • Perfect once-in-a-lifetime present
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