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If it’s time to let go of the security blanket of those trusty auto settings and really find out what your new DSLR camera can do then you’ll get so much out of an Introduction to Digital Photography course.

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Ooh check you out with your fancy new DSLR camera! What’s that? You’ve had it for a year and still haven’t taken a single snap off the auto settings?! You might as well just be using your cameraphone then! Sounds like you really need this Introduction to Digital Photography course in London to get over that fear of the manual controls and unleash the full power of your camera (and your own creativity!).

An experienced tutor will be your guide and best friend. Pester them with all those questions or issues you’ve been coming up against whilst discovering your DSLR camera and find out exactly what that unmarked button that you’ve just been itching to press does!

They’ll give you practical tips, advice and a few tricks of the trade to make sure you can reach your full potential during the half day course and London, of course, makes for a rich, vibrant and inspirational subject. So grab your camera and enthusiasm and get out on those streets to finally unleash your true photography skills!

What's included:

  • Begin to unravel the mysteries of your camera
  • Learn the basic settings & ideas for creating great photos
  • Discover some tips & techniques from the expert tutor
  • Take away new skills & gain confidence
  • Enjoy a half day spent in the capital!
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