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Grillboy | Oven & BBQ Rack Cleaner

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Cute and highly effective, at removing stubborn grease and gunk, the Grillboy makes light work of cleaning up your messy oven grill and BBQ racks. 
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Everyone enjoys feasting on tasty BBQ grub and roast dinners, but no one looks forward to cleaning up the leftover greasing gunk. The small and perfectly formed Grillboy comes to your rescue, to make light work of removing that stubborn dried and caked on grease and gunk. Let this little metal fella scrape off and clean your oven and BBQ racks with ease.

Made from durable polished metal, the Grillboy is a handy-sized cleaning accessory that is shaped in a chunky stick man form. His feet and hands feature cut out grooves and sharp corners that allow you to effectively scratch and scour off dirt and grime. Bin those abrasive scourers and useless cleaning cloths. Simply place the Grillboy’s feet or hands on the individual bars of the grill and scrape along the entire length. Flaky layers of fat and dried on grease glide off in minutes.

The Grillboy is not just for summer fun! Keep your oven racks clean and grease free all year around with the aid of this nifty kitchen gadget. It makes a great gift for those enthusiast seasonal outdoor cooks who enjoy firing up the sizzling Barbie when the sun shines. This practical and efficient cleaning tool is fun to use, and makes the tiresome task of grill cleaning less of a painful chore. 

  • Suitable for oven and BBQ grills and racks
  • Removes dried and fresh congealed grease
  • Perfect for BBQ enthusiasts
  • Get the grease off the grill before you cook the veggie option

Detailed Information

  • Material: Polished metal