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Graffiti Puzzle - London

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The perfect puzzle for fans of graffiti art! This three hundred piece Graffiti Puzzle of London contains a snapshot of some of London’s finest graffiti in a spray paint style container.

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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


Of course, we wouldn’t want to recommend you go out and try it yourself because graffiti is, of course, completely illegal. However, for admirers of such work then the Graffiti Puzzle of London makes a fantastic gift. It acknowleges their love of graffiti without going so far as to give them a few tins of spray paint in a rucksack.

Whilst you might not be the next Banksy, you can still appreciate his art and the art of numerous other graffiti artists (some of whom we’ve noted are far better than others) and this puzzle is a great, legal and far less messy celebration of the art.

The Graffiti Puzzle comes in novel packaging that is designed to look just like a can of spray paint, and with three hundred pieces inside it’s bound to keep the recipient quiet - for an hour or two at least. The image on this puzzle is also a real scene of a wall in London that’s been spray painted with cool lettering and colourful designs. It’s a masterpiece…in its own way!

  • Image of London Graffiti
  • Spray paint style designed packaging
  • Perfect gift for fans of graffiti art

Detailed Information

  • Graffiti representation
  • 300 piece puzzle
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