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Giant Beer Glass

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Get a reasonable amount of beer in your glass with a Giant Beer Glass - the perfect gift for any lover of the traditional pint who wants that little bit extra.
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The Giant Beer Glass is the perfect way to hold your favourite liquid as this tankard style giant ‘pint’ glass lets you hold an entire litre of the stuff!

Britain always has been somewhat confused as to whether we ought to be using metric or imperial methods of measurement. It’s a debate that no one wins and as a nation we have decided to settle on both. We will run kilometres and drive for miles, we are feet and inches high but swimming pools are twenty-five metres in length and our lagers, beers and bitters come in pints and yet most of us have no idea what a gallon is.

It’s safe to say that the metrication of the United Kingdom never really took off, but we at can’t help but think it would have been a tad more successful had they introduced this Giant Beer Glass as some kind of promotional tool for the conversion (because quite frankly who wouldn’t like the idea of getting handed one of these every time they went to the bar?)!

This amazing Giant Beer Glass is the ideal gift for any lover of lager, beer, bitter or cider.

  • Ideal for lovers of the traditional pint
  • Holds an entire litre of your favourite liquid
  • Proves metric measurements can have their benefits
  • Reduces the need for getting up for refills

Detailed Information

Giant Beer Glass:
  • Capacity 1l
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Material: Glass

Note: Always drink responsibly