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Garden Gnome Security

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 Security can be a concern, but with our Garden Gnome Security you can make sure that security at your place is tight and your property is safe. 
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‘Empty your handbags please ladies so we can check for any unauthorised items.’

‘No, seriously mate, you’re name's not on the list and so you’re not coming in.’

Okay, so while Garden Gnome Security isn’t your typical security guard he certainly does look the part and can look amusing stood at the entrance to your house. While there are certain people that this little guy will definitely keep out due to their gnomophobia (Yes, some people are genuinely absolutely terrified of these bad boys!) most people will be quite happy to step over him and come on in.

This unusual gnome will sit quietly and menacingly, armed with cool shades, uniform, blue gloves so he doesn’t get his hands dirty and a little belt containing his handcuffs just in case any of your guests get a little too rowdy. Stick to the rules and no one will get hurt, it’s nothing personal, he’s just doing his job. 


Garden Gnome Security will make a great gift for collectors of these awesome little guys and anyone who works in security. 


  • Serious garden gnome who means business 
  • Not an appropriate substitute for a burglar alarm 
  • He’s just doing his job, don’t take him personally 
  • Features the words ‘Gnomeland Security’ 
  • Ideal gift for collectors and security workers 

Detailed Information

  • Material: weather resistant, durable polyresin 
  • Height: 22.8 cm

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