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Final Touch Champagne Opener

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Celebrate any occasion with no mess or hassle with the Final Touch Champagne Opener, a practical item for any household that likes to throw a party!
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Avoid rogue corks from flying around the room with the very handy Final Touch Champagne Opener, a practical gadget that opens champagne, prosecco, and fizzy wine, without a bang! We have all seen the uncorking of celebratory fizz go very wrong, and this item will ensure that ceilings and guests are safe from speeding corks, which everyone will be pleased about!

Boasting a sleek and simple black design, this champagne opener is very easy to use: just remove the foil and metal from the cork, place on the opener, apply a small amount of pressure, and rotate until the cork pops out with no mess or hassle!

A great item to have around for any celebration, including birthdays, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, the Final Touch Champagne Opener is a fantastic gift idea for party hosts, and a must-have item for any household that likes to celebrate with a bang!