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Family Bushcraft Survival Course | East of England

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Enjoy a bushcraft course designed for the whole family’s enjoyment! Over a full day and an overnight camp, parents and children alike will learn what it takes to survive in the wilderness, whether out of necessity or recreation, through a series of fun challenges!

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As fun as it is challenging, this family-friendly bushcraft course allows parents and children to bond on a unique learning adventure! By discovering how to make the most of the forest’s many resources, your family will be fully prepared for anything, from getting lost on a hike to surviving the apocalypse!

The course takes place over a full day with an overnight camp and breakfast. Both adults and children will learn fundamental skills like shelter building, lighting fires and tying different knots to suit a range of purposes. You’ll also learn tracking skills and how to navigate without a map or compass. When it comes time to eat, you’ll cook over a campfire and, for breakfast, learn how to make damper bread – a staple food of Australian settlers cooked in the fire’s hot coals!

There’ll be games for the kids while older teenagers and adults learn bonus skills that are, unfortunately, not suitable for the little ones! These include safe use of an axe, using a bushcraft knife and lighting a fire through friction. The lessons learnt will instill the whole family with a new understanding and appreciation of the natural world and the place of humans within it.

  • Learn how to build shelters, light fires and other fundamental bushcraft skills
  • Discover the vast array of resources offered by the forest
  • Cook over a campfire and learn how to make damper bread
  • Enjoy the beautiful woodland of Bedfordshire
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