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Learn how to really use that DSLR camera to take top notch photos on the Evening Photography Tour of Cardiff!

Let a professional show you how to compose your shots and improve your technique!

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Learning to take beautiful, artistic photographs has never been easier, thanks to DSLR technology and social media photo sharing. Bring your amateur skills up to a much more professional level on the 2 hour evening photography course.

On this short course, you’ll learn all about how to best use the manual settings on your camera to extract every bit of light out of a darkened landscape. Play with shutter speed to create blurred effects and to give your photos the sensation of motion. Adjust the ISO and white balance features to bring multiple finishes to the same frame. Get tons of tips and tricks to turn your photos into a work of art.

Meet up with your course group and tutor in the heart of the Welsh capital. From leafy Bute Park, you’ll explore the centre of Cardiff and practice on its iconic buildings and gorgeous Cardiff Bay. Capture imposing and ancient Cardiff Castle against a darkened sky, or play with your aperture settings to get the best of the Millennium Stadium. This city is full of grand architecture that cast unusual shadows, the perfect playground for experimenting with your camera!

What's included:

  • Spend 2 hours with an expert  tutor
  • Focus on using your camera’s manual settings
  • Learn how to manipulate light during nighttime conditions
  • Discover new ways of framing your photography, and see the city in a whole new light
  • Pick up tips for improving skills you’ve already developed
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