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Emoji Cushion

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These friendly little faces that we have come to know and love now come in this amazing Emoji Cushion form to enhance your communication techniques in real life.
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Don’t you just hate it when you need to express a feeling, but you’re in real life rather than that lovely digital world where we can all feel comfortably distanced from reality? Real facial expressions can be easily misread, and we’re at a stage in our evolution where we really need to add a smiley to let someone know that we’re joking. This is where the awesome Emoji Cushion comes in.

The Emoji Cushion is designed to look like the emoji’s that you are used to seeing on your phone, and these cushions have two of the best. These emoji characters are represent the ‘cool face’ emoji, and the ‘Omg, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying’ emoji.

This means you will never again have to confuse people with your strange facial expressions as you try to look cool calm and collected, or worry about making your hilarious friend think he has hurt your delicate feelings with a joke and made you cry.

Aside from that, each Emoji Cushion just looks awesome and would not only look great in your bedroom or living room but these little guys will bring a smile to the face of any and every guest.

  • Emoji style cushions
  • Ideal for lazy people who can’t be bothered to make their own facial expression
  • Novel gift ideas for texting teenagers glued to their phones
  • Friendly face when you need one

Detailed Information


  • Auswahl: Tränen lachend oder cool (Sonnenbrille)
  • Material: 100 % Polyester
  • Maße: Ø ca. 30 cm