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Emergency Pants Keyring - for Men

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Prone to being caught with your pants down? Never fear, a fool proof solution is here! The Emergency Pants Keyring: for people with a sense of humour that have a tendency to get caught short... This humorous and unusual gift is perfect for a Stag Do.
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Better safe than sorry! This Emergency Pants Keyring can go where ever you or your friends go and will always be right there for you when you need it most!

Save your friends from those oopsy moments and give them a chance to keep their dignity. These disposable pants will be there for you if you've unexpectedly stayed out all night, you've sat in a puddle or you just fancy a change! The discreet keyring design means you will never be caught short again...

A funny novelty gift to slip in a Christmas stocking, give on a birthday or stag do, or just surprise your friends and family! Guaranteed to bring some laughs to the table and help out someone in need.

Detailed Information

  • Emrgency Underwear Kit For men
  • Capsule and keychain 14.5 x 10 x 2.5 cm 
  • One size fits all 

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