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Electric Shock Pen

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Indulge in some harmless fun by playing practical jokes on your friends, with this zany Electric Shock Pen. Surprise and shock anyone, next time they ask if they can borrow your pen!
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Tired of handing out pens, then never seeing them again? The next time a friend asks to borrow a pen, give them a shock with this Electric Shock Pen! Stationery crime is now a thing of the past! This cool ball point pen will be yours forever! One shock by the pen will persuade would-be-thieves to enough to get their own pen.

There’s never any disappointment with the Electric Shock Pen. It does exactly what it says on the packaging. Lend a colleague or friend your pen and watch them get zapped when they try to use it! When they click the top of the pen an electric shock is emitted, causing them to jump and shriek in surprise.

Become an office stationery supplies vigilante with this novelty pen for pranksters. You can safely leave it on your desk without worrying! Anyone who tries to use it will be electrically surprised. This trick pen is supplied with 3 x 1.5 v batteries and makes a great gift idea for jokers!

Detailed Information

  • Novelty joke gift
  • Looks like a ball point pen
  • Classic gift idea for pranksters