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DIY Placemats

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Just when you thought DIY couldn’t get any more exciting - now it’s hitting your dining tables too! Get these DIY Placemats and turn every meal time in to a creative adventure.
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Let’s get real for a minute: what kind of placemats is your dining room table rocking? Ones you inherited from your gran with cats on them? Or maybe those “cool” art deco ones your little sister brought back from her trip to New York? Better yet, maybe you’ve gone real old-school and are simply using lace doilies - just like the Queen (so your mum told you...)?

Placemats are normally one of two things: kitsch or boring. Not any more! These DIY Placemats are about to rock your dining world. Simple yet innovative in design, these placemats are no longer simply a place to put your plate - they’re a blank canvas for your artistic creativity! Printed with simply cutlery and a dining plate, your imagination is the limit. Perfect for parties, birthdays, other special occasions - or just to personalise and brighten up the evening meal. Easy to care for, simply throw them in the washing machine every time you feel like trying new designs and start fresh all over again.

These DIY Placemats are the perfect present for creative children, to take round to friends’ to keep the kids entertained, or just to make family meals that little bit messier and generally more fun.

  • Create your own placemat - every meal time!
  • Perfect for birthdays or special occasions
  • Machine washable means no hassle & unlimited fun
  • Great gift for creative children
  • Bring more fun to the dinner table

Detailed Information

  • Set of 4 placemats
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Dimensions: 47 x 33 cm
  • Included: 10 water-soluble colouring pens
  • Machine washable at 40 °