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Topsy Turvy Egg Timer

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Cook eggs perfectly every time with a little help from this magical Topsy Turvy Egg Timer whose bright colours and reverse time trickling will make cooking a much more pleasurable activity!
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There’s no kitchen argument that gets more heated more quickly than that of the exact amount of time required to cook The Perfect Egg. This is a conundrum that has darkened the kitchen doorway of egg lovers since the beginning of time but no more! This cool little kitchen accessory clearly marks out the different times required for soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs making sure the days of forgetting to note down the time you put them on are over for good.

Not only is the Topsy Turvy Egg Timer very practical and handy, it’s a great style addition to the kitchen. With its colourful appearance, it will brighten up any kitchen surface and add a cheery element to spending time in the kitchen - even when not in use! With its added magic trick of trickling the coloured granules not down as per tradition and, well, gravity (!) but upwards instead, both children and adults alike will be mesmerised and desperate to use it daily!

A fun, funky and unique gift to give to the designated “egg cooker” of the household or to offer to friends moving home, this Topsy Turvy Egg Timer will bring a smile to anyone’s face!

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