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Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray

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Enjoy your drinks on the rocks with the mega cool Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray. This fun and flexible, kitsch kitchen gadget is exactly what every girl needs to show off some serious bling. 
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Give your stylish cocktail party a serious bling upgrade with a Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray. This practical and functional kitchen gadget makes deluxe diamond ring shaped ice cubes for every diva in the room. The funky ice cube tray is made from durable silicone rubber, in magnificent magenta, and perfectly freezes water, juice or decadent champagne.

The Diamond Ring Ice Cube Tray makes 6 individual, oversized ring shaped ice rocks that prove diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Pop one of these icy sparklers in your glass for a drink that is cooled to perfection. If you’re a guy with love on your mind the novelty ice cube mold offers you a unique way to pop the question!

Enjoy a ladies night with your friends by serving tempting cocktails, with ice that would impress any princess. The fun flexible ice cube tray allows you to fill, freeze, dispense and refill with ease. Simply twist the mold to release the ice cubes. You can deposit a diamond ring in your drink or wear it in pride of place on your finger!

  • Makes 6 mega size ice diamond ring rocks
  • Perfect for a diva girl’s night in
  • Can be used to make indulgent champagne diamond ring ice cubes
  • Show your love, and extravagance, with this ideal gift for your BFF
  • Great novelty way to pop the question!

Detailed Information

  • Material: silicone rubber