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Detective Tour 2 | Victoria's Secret (2 - 6 people) | South West

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Fancy yourself as a detective? Put your super sleuth skills to the test on Victoria's Secret Detective Tour! An interactive tour for up to 6 people, you must find the clues and solve the mystery of the Royal Victoria Park in Bath...
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The beautiful Royal Victoria Park in Bath is a picturesque location perfect for...solving a mystery!

This Detective Tour 2: Victoria's Secret is an entertaining way to spend a few hours if you are the inquisitive type who loves to problem solve! You will walk across the main walks and hidden paths of the Royal Victoria Park to uncover the secrets they hold....Find the clues, trace the tracks, and solve the mystery! Discover Bath as you never have before!

The problem can only be solved by visiting the sites of the famous landmarks of Bath like the Botanical Garden and the Royal Crescent, and each site is another puzzle. You will need to collect information and find the clue! The whole picture comes to light when you reach the final stage.

This interactive exclusive mystery detective tour will allow you to experience what it’s like to be a private eye along with up to 5 other people. The tour takes 1.5 - 3 hours and is ideal for younger players as well!

The perfect gift for fans of murder mysteries, whether film buffs or avid readers. Get your Sherlock Holmes head on...are you up to the challenge?!

Detailed Information

  • Optimal team size: 3-6 persons 
  • Latest tour starts before dark
  • Minimum age 9 years
  • Children between 9-15 years must be accompanied by at least 1 adult per event
  • For 2 -6 people
  • Tour lasts 1.5-3 hours

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