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Deep Tea Diver Infuser

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The cute, quirky Deep Tea Diver Infuser is the ideal gift for tea lovers and, with his Leonardo Da Vinci-inspired diving suit, he'll please art lovers too! But then, who doesn't love a nice cup of tea?
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This intrepid Deep Tea Diver Infuser is making your relaxation his mission!

Just pack him with your favourite loose-leaf tea and watch him plunge to the very depths of your mug! His oxygen tank not only ensures his survival - it also allows you to bring him back up for air with ease when your tea has reached the exact strength you desire. Being such a brave explorer, he can be used to make delicious brews either at home or in the office.

For many, a good cup of tea is an essential for day-to-day survival! Refreshing in summer, comforting in winter, it's a guilt-free pleasure that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. With four different colours to choose from, the Deep Tea Diver Infuser is the ultimate fun and quirky gift for your tea-loving friends. The elegant design for his diving gear, inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s enchanting sketches, also makes him a delightful present for anyone with an interest in art or history.

The Deep Tea Diver Infuser really is the ideal companion for your cuppa!

  • Cute, kooky gift 
  • Perfect for tea lovers
  • Design based on Leonardo Da Vinci's sketches
  • Oxygen tank makes him easy to retrieve, so your tea is brewed just right

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ø 3,3 x 6,5 cm