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Copper Designer Clock

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This Designer Copper Clock is stylishly designed to look fantastic on your wall, and as a bonus it will also be able to tell you what time it is, conveniently.

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  • Order before 2 pm for same day dispatch*
  • 30 day return policy


Tickity tock, clickity clock. Wouldn't the world be grand if we didn't have to worry about time? Imagine never having to set an alarm, never having to be anywhere at a specific time and simply taking your chances when turning on the TV as to what might be on. What a dream that would be, eh? Well, unfortunately, time does exist. You do have to set your alarm, and with each second that passes you're getting older, whether you like it or not. Fortunately, you can age in style when you have a Copper Clock.

This beautiful Copper Clock, that looks like a ribbon of copper wrapped around itself to make this fantastic piece of time keeping equipment, is 30.5cm in diameter and 5.7cm thick and will look great whether it's for the house, office or business.

The wall clock is a great gift for those who prefer a more original and eye-catching design and are lacking a wall displayed time telling device in any room in their house, and is bound to be appreciated by anyone with a sense of style.

  • Stylish copper ribbon design
  • Eye-catching and original
  • Makes a great gift for anyone
  • Perfect for the home or office

Detailed Information

  • Dimensions: 

Diameter: 30.5 cm 
Thickness: 5.7 cm 

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