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Having your own personal shopper doesn’t have to be just a dream from your celeb fantasies - with this fantastic styling and personal shopper experience, you can learn how to win the best-dressed award every time!

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Shopping can be every girl’s favourite way to pass the time - or it can be a nightmare come true! If you find that searching for that perfect dress or work outfit makes you feel anxious rather than excited then this life-changing personal style consultation and shopping experience is just what you need! If you’ve ever wondered how celebs always look so fabulous, even when they’re just out in jeans and an “old” t-shirt, there really isn’t much of a secret to it: they all have personal shoppers and stylists! Now it’s time to even the playing field and get your very own taste of style perfection.

This awesome session with a professional style consultant will help you to discover what shapes, colours and styles suit you best. Discuss your style dreams and make a plan to get your wardrobe ready for an overhaul. Then head out to the shops with personal shopper in tow to help you put your new knowledge into practice and make some great purchases.

After this amazing personal styling session, you’ll never feel daunted by shopping again!

  • Get expert advice and help to find your style
  • Learn which shapes and styles suit you best
  • Discover which colours make you shine
  • Find new clothes with your own personal shopper
  • Revolutionise your style and wardrobe

Detailed Information

  • For women
  • Gift voucher valid for one person
  • Provider retains the right to cancel private consultations at their discretion if venue conditions are not suitable


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