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Christmas Napkin

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Santa Claus gets all around the world on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas Day, he’ll be all around your dining table when everyone puts on their Christmas Napkin.These adorable serviettes dress up your guests and the table!
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Serve up an extra portion of festive cheer at your Christmas dinner with Christmas Napkins!

These paper serviettes are meant to be worn on the shirt to catch any dribbles, but also to dress everyone in their festive best. Tuck the corner of the serviette into your collar or fasten to your top button to transform your Christmas Day outfit into Father Christmas’s distinctive red, fur-trimmed suit. As your guests fasten them on, they’ll chuckle at the realisation that they’re playing fancy dress while they eat. They’ll need them to wipe tears of laughter away when they see each other dressed as his jolly old self!

Christmas lunch just wouldn’t be the same without an extra helping of silliness! Christmas Napkins make an excellent accessory to your paper crown and your cheesy cracker joke. They’re hilarious, good fun and totally practical too. Your Santa-suit-clad dinner guests will be delighted with these clever serviettes. And Christmas Napkins make the perfect hostess gift for the home entertainer who loves to accessorise the table down to the last detail. 

  • Napkins make it look like you’re wearing a Santa suit when you tuck it under your chin
  • Pre-cut buttonholes make it easy to attach to your shirt
  • Silly but practical
  • Christmas dinner guests will love them
  • Bring to your Christmas Day host or hostess for a jolly gift

Detailed Information

  • Contains 20 x paper napkins with buttonhole