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Captain America Colour Change Glass

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This heroic colour change glass will delight Captain America fans across the UK. Making sure you drink your eight glasses of water a day is easier when the protector of America is watching!
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The iconic Marvel superhero, Captain America, is here to add some classic superhero style to your table. He may seem a little pale and not like his usual superhero self at room temperature, as he is coloured in white on the glass. Never fear, Captain America Fans! As soon as a cold drink is added to the glass he is restored to full power and turns into the red, white and blue comic book hero we all know and love.


Featuring the image of Captain America on the front of the glass and the iconic shield logo on the reverse, you'll be the envy of your household or office as soon as you pour a drink into this glass. A key character in the Avengers Film series, Captain America also features in The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Captain America is the alter ego of alter ego of WWII soldier Steve Rogers, and transforms into his true superhero self to protect America when needed. One of the most popular comic book characters of all time, This Captain America colour change glass is a great gift for Marvel fans young and old.


  • Captain America changes colour from white to red, white and blue when cold drink is poured inside
  • White at room temperature
  • Designs on both sides of the glass
  • Great gift for fans of the Marvel superhero

Detailed Information

  • Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use
  • Changes colour whenever a cool drink is added to the glass