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Bushcraft Fundamentals | Scotland

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Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness? You will after this day-long course! With just a knife and foraged materials you’ll learn the fundamentals of bushcraft, from building shelters to lighting fires to purifying water!
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Whether you’re a total novice or have engaged in some bushcraft before, this invigorating full-day experience will teach you all the fundamentals of outdoor survival, incorporating the 4 main principles of food, fire, shelter and water, courtesy of a highly trained instructor and the bounty of surprising resources that the forest offers!

A bushcraft expert will help you master the practical skills you’ll need to save your life and others should the worst case scenario ever arise – be it getting lost on a hike or being driven from your home by barbarian hordes! Although the course adapts to changes in the weather and season, you’ll typically learn various techniques for building shelters, lighting fires and purifying water. You’ll also explore the woodland around you and learn to forage for resources, spotting potential for use in the unlikeliest places!

While you won’t be catching your own food on this course, your ingredients will still be covered in fur or feathers so you’ll need to learn how to prepare it properly before cooking it over an open fire! (Vegetarian options can also be arranged.) Fortunately, being stranded in the wilderness doesn’t mean you can’t eat well!

  • Learn how to build shelters, light fires and purify water out in the wilderness
  • Be assigned your very own bushcraft knife for the day
  • Discover the vast array of resources offered by the forest
  • Prepare the freshest ingredients for lunch – still in its fur or feathers!
  • Enjoy the beautiful woodland of East Lothian

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