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Bubbleball for 10-15 | West Yorkshire

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Wave goodbye to paintballing parties: the glorious days of wrapping yourself up in a large inflatable bubble and bouncing around to your heart’s desire with your mates have finally arrived - we know what we’re doing for the next office party!

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Yorkshire is abuzz! Abuzz with the sound of laughter and...hmm, it sounds like large beach balls playing a game of football. But it can’t be...can it?! Yes, everyone, remain calm and form an orderly queue: Bubbleball has arrived! Thank you, genius invention: that’s every hen, stag, birthday and family party organised for the next few years.

Football lovers and even football haters will enjoy this kooky take on the game and it will bring out the tackler in you you never even knew was there. Everyone in your party will spend the whole time laughing, falling, bouncing…laughing some more and getting up again to go another round of Bubbleball! These bouncy, protective wonder inventions will make every game seem fun no matter who wins or loses and you won’t want to give it up at the end of the day.

The perfect experience day for absolutely everyone who likes to be active and have a good time. It’s not just football you can play either, pretty much any game you can think of (ok, maybe not scrabble) will be taken to a whole new level of fun when played inside your Bubbleball!


What's included:

  • Bubble balls
  • Footballs and team bibs
  • Venue hire
  • Referees
  • Photographs of the action!

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