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Boyfriend Pillow

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This man is just perfect: does not moan, makes no mess and is super cuddly! Whether for a single girlfriend or just for yourself, this substitute boyfriend will always be a loyal shoulder to cry on!

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The debate about whether women need men, and if so, for what, is an age old discussion we won't bother going into now. We know one thing for sure: to cuddle, they are great! With a strong shoulder to lean on, this substitute boyfriend will be your loyal pillow as long as you need him.


For sleeping, watching TV or reading, in the arm of the oddly quiet boyfriend, you feel at ease and secure. If you do not need him on the odd occasion your friends are coming over and you don't want to look weird, you simply stow the boyfriend pillow in the supplied bag and put him away so no other girl can lay eyes on him.


This unique gift idea is really made for the single girlfriend or sister, still looking for the man of her dreams. Not only is the boyfriend pillow an ultimate partner, he is actually very useful and if you fall asleep in his arm, sweet dreams!


  • The most devoted boyfriend you'll ever see
  • Fall asleep in his comforting arm
  • Weirdly quiet and tidy
  • Hide away when people visit to avoid weird looks

Detailed Information

  • 100% polyester
  • 66 x 60 cm
  • In PVC pocket with zipper