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Bow Making Weekend | South East

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If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next bow-wielding superhero then you need to first learn how to craft your very own bow on this practical and fun bow making weekend course!

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It all started with the lovable rogue figure of Robin Hood and many a little boy imagined themselves mastering the bow and arrow one day, riding through the forest piercing hearts and money bags from miles away. Then there came The Hunger Games, and many a girl and woman alike joined this daydream, imagining ourselves as the brave and worldly Katniss whose skills with a bow and arrow were accurate, life-saving and, well, just pretty darn cool.

Turn the dream into a reality with this super awesome bow making weekend course out in the intrepid woodlands of the rugged South East. You’ll learn how to make your bow from scratch like a real survivalist, picking the best wood and styling your bow to create something unique and, more importantly, that works! You can test this out once it’s finished by having a go at firing some arrows yourself of course.

Get signed up to this fun bow making course and spend the weekend living out your childhood (or, okay, adulthood) fantasies whilst enjoying the fresh air and nature of the outdoors!

  • Make your very own bow from scratch
  • Get some target practice when it’s finished
  • Have fun channeling your inner Robin Hood
  • Meet lots of like-minded adventurers
  • Enjoy a unique weekend out in the woodland

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